Bring Home The Memory
About Us

Capture The Wild is a full service taxidermy studio that will go above and beyond what the average taxidermist will offer. We are hunters and fishermen who observe the animals in their native habitat. Along with photos and/or film, we can capture the animal as it lived.

In the past, we have won awards in fish, and birds with the Colorado Taxidermist's Association. In previous years, we won awards in life size mammals, should mounts, and art. Unlike most taxidermists, who hurry to get the trophies completed, we create award winners with every mount in the shortest possible time, without compromising quality. See our Photo Gallery

We offer first come first serve, so get those mounts in soon. We will skin your animals for free if you mount them with us! If you are in the field, and have access to a phone, feel free to Call Us and we will walk you through the process.